Event Schedule

Craft Shows & In Person Events

Live Demonstration

I have only two Live events this summer. The first one is coming up July 24-26 in Wolfeboro, NH.

The other will be a Live Demonstration in Meredith from 9 AM- Noon on Saturday August 15.  I will be drawing, carving and painting loons on handmade leather products.  More details will be coming.

Every week I publish three Live videos on my Facebook page which is …


Each month  will have a different theme and all three videos, with the exception of the sales events, will all be about loons .                                                                                                                                                                   The month of July is all about loon identification, the month of August will be about loon babies.  I also publish a weekly blog, here on my website,  dedicated to loon information,  and this is where you will receive the information from my live events in written form.

This is a weekly online event that is Live on Facebook.  This series is all about stories.  I tell the stories behind specific products and how and why they were created.  Who did they help and why were they needed are topics of discussion.  The time for this event varies each week, but is always posted on my Facebook Page the day prior to the event.

The Workshop Wednesday series is all about demonstrations.  Come into my workshop and get a behind the scenes look at what goes into the creation of unique handmade leather goods.

Design and pattern creation, drawing and carving nature scenes, and painting on leather are all topics for demonstrations.  Custom products being created will also be shown.

Live on Facebook every week.  Times vary.


Spotlight Saturday is a weekly event that is all about current products for sale.  Twice a month will highlight new loon products, including sneak peeks and new collections.  Bi-weekly I will host an on-line sale.  See below for more details on these bi-weekly sales events.  Giveaways will also be part of this weekly event and occur several times per year.  Times for this event vary and are announced on Facebook.

Monthly Sales Events


Sales events will occur every other week during my Spotlight Saturday series.  A category or an individual product sale will be hosted once a month.

A Trunk Sale is the biggest sale event.  In general they will be scheduled for the last Saturday of the month.  A preview of all the items that will be offered during each Trunk Sale will be posted on Facebook ahead of time.  Members who join my email and become VIP Insiders, receive the largest discounts during these events as well as many other perks.