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Butterflies N’ Leather: Flutterby Collection


Flutterby Collection- A Leather Butterfly Jewelry  Collection for women who want to look stylish and feel confident while adding a touch of spring to their wardrobe.


Introducing the

The Flutterby Collection includes eight exquisite leather butterfly jewelry shapes based on real butterflies.  It is jewelry that reflects who you are and what you stand for.  Strong and resilient like the butterflies they portray, they will catch the eye of many admirers.   

 If you want to avoid emotionally neutral mass-produced jewelry and value unique, original design over a little blue box then the Flutterby Collection of leather butterfly jewelry is the perfect choice.

Tri-Butterfly Necklaces

with Matching Earrings
Indian Leaf

Exquisite jewelry for formal or business wear.

Take a touch of spring with you wherever you go. 

These Tri-Butterfly Necklace and Earring sets from the Flutterby Collection are perfect for women who want to look stylish so they feel confident on their everyday adventures.  No matter which set you select it is sure to catch the eye of many admirers. 

 They will help you, or anyone who is lucky enough to receive one as a gift, to express your femininity, and add a touch of spring to your wardrobe.


Purple Streak

   Feel confident on your everyday adventures.

Jewelry that makes you feel special.

  • Necklaces are fully adjustable
  • made from eco-friendly leather
  • stong, durable, yet light-weight
  • designs that can not be found anywhere else
  • hypo-allergenic earwires
  • made in America
  • additional matching accessories available
  • $55. Tri-Necklace and Earring set


with Matching Earrings

The Leather Butterfly Necklaces shown here, from the Flutterby Collection, include a Necklace with five Butterflies!          

  They are perfect for woman who don’t want to look like everyone else and those who are environmentally conscious. 

All of the sets in the Flutterby Collection are made from eco-friendly leather and are finished with non-toxic paint.  

Barrettes and Bracelets are available to match the necklaces shown here as well and are shown below.    $58.   

Blue Morpho

If you want to create a complete leather Butterfly Jewelry Ensemble, Barrettes and Cuffs are also available to match the Flitterby sets shown above. 

Leather Butterfly Bracelets

Butterfly Bracelets are available to match all of the Necklaces in the Flutterby Collection.  These bracelets are perfect for those with metal allergies because they do not have any metal hardware.  They are also FULLY adjustable, so they will fit ANY size wrist from small to large, just pull the bead to loosen or adjust. 

https://logcabinleatherbyjan.net/product/leather-butterfly-accessories/Strong and resilient like the butterflies they reflect, Leather Butterfly Cuffs are something that can’t be found anywhere else.  They feature a new  fully adjustable, hypo-allergenic 3/4″ leather bracelet.  The Monarch Cuff has one slightly larger butterfly, while the other have two slightly smaller butterflies. $20.

Complete your Flitterby Leather Butterfly ensemble with a beautiful hair accessory.  The Atlas and Indian Leaf sets come with Stick Barrettes and the Purple Streak and The Tiger Swallowtail come with four inch hair clips.  $17.

As you can see from the photo below,  the Monarch Butterfly is a stick barrette and will hold lots of hair!  The Cloudwing, Hairstreak and Morpho Butterfly Barrettes  have four inch  hair clips.  $17.

Tri-Butterfly Barrettes

Matching Book Covers

 Each piece in the Meadow Flowers Flutterby Collection is designed with organization and security as a goal. They are classic forever looks that won’t go out of style.

A luxurious Jade Leather Journal that features a meadow flowers design as well as 3-D butterflies from the collection is something that will be used and treasured for years to come!   $115.

In addition to having a standard size removable insert, this Meadow Flowers leather journal cover features a locking pen closure.  The contents will stay inside securely and you will always have a pen handy to write!       $95.
Meadow Flowers 5x7 Journal
Meadow Flowers Brag/Photo Cover

Handmade Leather Photo Albums are lifelong treasures designed  so you can  store your most precious memories safely in a forever  keepsake.  This size is perfect to slip into your bag and take when traveling.  $69.

Meadow Flowers Passport Cover

 Each Passport Cover is designed with organization and security as a goal. They are classic forever looks that won’t go out of style.  $72.

Meadow Flowers Desk Organizers and Pencil Cups are designed to help keep your desk, table, or counter organized while bringing joy from their beauty.

Perfect for mail, notes or what ever else clutters up your space.

The perfect catch-all to meet your needs.
Furthermore it will add a touch of nature to brighten things up.  Each is one of a kind, like the flowers in a meadow.

Additional information


Atlas, Cloudwing, Hairstreak, Indian Leaf, Monarch, Morpho, Purple Streak, Swallowtail


3 Butterfly Necklace, 5 Butterfly Necklace, Earrings


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