• Hand tooled Leather Belts 1"
  • Hand tooled Leather Belts 1"
  • Hand tooled Leather Belts 1"
  • Hand tooled Leather Belts 1"
  • Hand tooled Leather Belts 1"
  • Hand tooled Leather Belts 1"
  • Hand tooled Leather Belts 1"
  • Hand tooled Leather Belts 1"
  • Hand tooled Leather Belts 1"

Hand tooled Leather Belts 1″


Hand tooled, solid leather 1 ” belts, built to endure life’s adventures.  The perfect addition to any wardrobe for men and women.

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Handmade Leather Belts for Men & Women in this collection are 1″ wide.  They are suitable for business as well as casual wear.   If you demand excellence, this is a belt you’ll be proud to own.

A welcome addition to any wardrobe, these gorgeous belts are as functional as they are handsome.  They will not fall apart.  They are built to endure all of life’s adventures.  Whether you’re looking for a casual or a dress belt you will find something to suit your style.  Belts with hand tooling or solid belts with no design are available in other widths as well.

Another feature customers love are the detachable buckles. If you have a special buckle that have outlived its belt, you’ve found a solution!  Choose the buckle finish- brass or nickel over brass,  and  select from 3 center bar buckle styles.  Select one that best fits your wardrobe needs. 

 A welcome addition for both men and women, these gorgeous belts boast hand tooling designs that have a western flare.   Every design is hand stamped one impression at a time and cannot be found anywhere else. Each is as functional as it is handsome. If you want to make a fashion statement or hold a conversation, there’s nothing like a one of a kind belt with hand tooling.  Hand tooling seems to be a dying art in many places, but not here at Log Cabin Leather.

All handmade leather belts for men & women are built to endure life’s adventures.  Shop with confidence knowing your purchasing a handmade product made in the USA.

  • distinctive hand tooled designs
  • Uniquely suited to meet all your wardrobe needs.
  • A rugged performer ready to endure all of life’s adventures.
  • Customized to meet your needs.
  • Not available anywhere else
  • beveled and burnished edges  for added comfort and wear
  • custom fit to meet your needs
  • removable buckles
  • choice of buckle style/finish
  • US hides tanned in USA
  • 1″ wide

To place an order:  Please select Buckle FINISH- brass or nickle over brass.

Choose the buckle shape you desire: Oval, Horseshoe, Rectangle


If you have an old belt:

Measure from the leather at the buckle end to the hole the belt is currently fastened on. This will be the center hole on the new belt.

Use a tape measure:
Use a tape measure to get your actual waist measurement. This will be the center hole on new belt with 2 holes on either side.

The last belt hole will be 4″ from the tip of the belt, with 2 holes before and 2 after measurement sent.

If you would like your belt sized differently please specify.


Stylish belts for both men and women are also available in other widths.

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Brass, Nickel over Brass


Horseshoe, Oval, Rectangle


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