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Butterfly Bookmarks! Never seen before!


Butterfly Bookmarks are handcrafted from leather, are one-of-a-kind, and are made with pride. They stay securely in place over the pages and will not fall off easily. They are painted to look like real butterflies. With so many choices that you’ll surely find your favorite!


Absolutely Beautiful Never Seen Before
Leather Butterfly Bookmarks!

Hand-painted leather butterfly bookmarks are created from a genuine desire to share and spread joy. Unique never-seen before butterflies that are one of a kind.  They are meticulously hand painted and look like the most exquisite real butterfly you’ve ever seen. It’s difficult not to smile from the moment you pick up one of these exquisite bookmarks because they come with such positive energy!


 Finally, it’s absolutely beautiful and totally unique. There will never be another bookmark exactly like the one that you order. 


Butterflies are magical and they inspire wonder in all of us. Butterfly Bookmarks are handmade from real butterflies and hand-painted to be unique.

 The bookmarks come with a butterfly hook that attaches securely over the pages so it will never get lost or fall out of your book.

You have a sense of connection between the world, art, nature, beauty. Twelve designs available–the perfect gift idea for someone special!

The Butterfly Bookmark is an original design that beautifully and creatively holds the page, while it also adds a personal touch to any book. 

The butterfly’s delicate wings are hand-painted with care and attention, in an expansive smorgasbord of colors, for a truly one-of-a-kind bookmark like no other!


Butterfly Bookmarks

Violet Copper
Pointy Tips

A one of a kind leather butterfly design. Hand-painted and sparkling , this exquisite bookmark is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates butterflies. 

The butterfly will hook over any book without tearing or putting pressure on delicate pages. Created in a style that’s inspired by nature , this unique bookmark will be treasured long after its first use.

Great Hairstreak
Crimson Cloudwing

Butterfly bookmarks make a perfect gift for kids, friends and teachers. These butterflies are hand painted leather with one of a kind designs that have never be seen before! This can be the best birthday gift or something to incorporate in your classroom craft supplies to inspire young readers.

Purple Ulysses
Crowned Hairstreak

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Cloudwing, Crimson Cloudwing, Crowned Hairstreak, Great Hairstreak, Monarch, Morpho, Pointy Tips, Purple Ulysses, Ulysses, Urandid, Voilet Copper




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