Nature Inspired Jewelry

I have been involved with Mount Kearsarge Indian Museum, in Warner NH, since it opened in 1992, first as a volunteer and teacher, now as a museum educator. Their cultural values and outlook has helped define who I am today.

The preservation of the earth and the plants and animals within, are dear to my heart. The Nature’s Bounty Jewelry Collection is inspired by this connection.

Bright colors bring happiness, the feathers represent real birds and the amazing array of colors they bring to the earth. Many of the plants are those that are part of our medicine woods tour at the museum that teaches the importance each plays in the circle of life.

I hope to bring awareness to and an interest in the preservation of our earth. I hope it reminds us to take the time to enjoy and appreciate the Earth’s gifts while helping to preserve it for those who follow.
Earrings, necklaces, barrettes and bracelets are included in the collection.