Loons Ten to Twelve Weeks

Loons at Ten to Twelve Weeks Old

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Loon chicks at ten and eleven weeks old continue to exercise their wings in preparation for flight.

They can now capture 90 – 100% of their food, but still will beg food from their parents.

At this point, one of the two parents may leave for the coast, while the other stays with the loon chicks until they reach fledging age.

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At twelve weeks of age a loon chick becomes a fledging and is independent.  They can now fly and they can eat food that  is the the same size as the parents.

The remaining loon adult may now leave for the coast leaving the chicks to fend for themselves.

Many of the chicks will head to the ocean  within the next few weeks, although some might remain until later in the season.

Check out my blog next week to learn about  how young adult loons spend the next couple of years.

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