Loon Identification

This is the first of many blog articles dedicated to Loons.  I hope you will join me on this journey.  Each week I will share information on Loons as well as links to videos that I think might interest you.

The first introduction most of us have with loon is their sound.  That’s what draws us in.  You will have to be on the water to see them as they are completely aquatic.

Whether you are in Canada or here in the northern United States, summer evenings wouldn’t be the same on the lakes without the haunting wail of common loons. There is nothing else like it.  It is there sound that capture the hearts of many like myself.  Are you under their spell?  Click on the video above to hear their amazing sounds and join me on this journey to learn about all things loon and you too will be enchanted. 

I will be sharing information on Loon identification over in the next blog article… 
Is a loon a duck?  How are they different?   How do you tell male and female loons apart?  These are the questions answered below.
But for most it the unforgettable call of the loon that will draw you in…  

Image Caption A loon is not a type of duck it is a diving water bird. Unlike ducks, a loon’s legs are set way back on their bodies. This makes them excellent divers but poor walkers. Both the male and female loons have checkered black and white markings. The male is larger.  If you would like to learn more about these amazing birds and see some one-of-a-kind leather products featuring loons, then follow me on Facebook.


 Image Caption
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Author Bio


I discovered leather as a medium when I was a college student in 1977 and fell in love.  My summers were spent on Lake Winnipesaukee, here in NH, and that is where I first encountered loons.

Loons soon became the focal point of much of my work.  I set out to create functional, and durable leather products with original loon scenes so Loon enthusiasts could enjoy them year round.  My hope is that my handmade leather goods will become lifelong treasures and forever keepsakes.