More About Loon Identification


The Call of the Loon Soundtrack

The Common Loon is an iconic bird of freshwater lakes across the northern hemisphere.

Whether you are in Canada or here in the northern United States, summer evenings wouldn’t be the same without the haunting wail of common loons. There is nothing else like it. 

These sounds are usually the first way many of us are introduced to Loons.  Click on the video above to hear their amazing sounds and you too will be under their spell… 

Differences Between Loons and Ducks


Both loons and ducks are aquatic birds. Loons and ducks are not close relatives.  Loons are more closely related to penguins than they are to ducks or geese.

A loon is a diving water bird. Unlike ducks, a loon’s legs are set way back on their bodies. This makes them excellent divers but poor walkers. Loons do not have hollow bones like most birds.  Their bones are denser which allows them to dive deep to capture fish underwater.  They can dive as deep as 200 feet and they can stay underwater for several minutes without resurfacing.  Their bone density also gives them the ability to sit much lower in the water than ducks or geese as in the photo below.


Why Loons?


Loons have been a love of mine since I was a child.  My parents purchased a cottage on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire and that is where my whole family fell in love with these unique birds.

Loons were  one of the first items I carved on leather projects.  I started working with leather in 1977 when I was a college student.                      My catalog, pictured on the left, was made in 1978 as part of an independent study in art.      The belt is my first carved belt featuring a design I had created.  It belonged to my dad.                                            The bag on the right was also for my dad.  It was his tennis bag and was made in 1980.  He used to play tennis with a friend who had a house on Governor’s Island on the lake.

If you would like to learn more about how my products are created then follow me on Facebook.  Each week I host 3 live videos each week.

  • Maker Monday:  I share stories about Loons and discuss why I started creating the loon products I have.
  • Workshop Wednesday:  I bring you into my workshop and show how my loon products are created with live demos.
  • Spotlight Saturday:  Highlights current products I have in stock.  Twice a month I  advertise products for sale and host a Live Truck Show at the end of the month.  In this event I am selling off stock not related to loons and lakeside wildlife.  During the non sale weeks I highlight current Loon products.

New Facebook Group dedicated to Loons!


I have also started a Facebook Group called Lakeside Loon Lovers.              This is a place to share anything loon related…photos, videos, stories, events and products all related to loons!  Here is a link to join:

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Please share your thoughts.  Next month’s blog will be all about Loon Babies.

What would you like to to discuss in the following months?


I discovered leather as a medium when I was a college student in 1977 and fell in love.  My summers were spent on Lake Winnipesaukee, here in NH, and that is where I first encountered loons.

Loons soon became the focal point of much of my work.  I set out to create functional, and durable leather products with original loon scenes so Loon enthusiasts could enjoy them year round.  My hope is that my handmade leather goods will become lifelong treasures and forever keepsakes.

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