Hand Tooled Leather Belts

This week is all about Creative Belt Stamping.  Learn how original hand tooled leather belt designs are created.  Watch the videos to learn the stories behind the belts and watch as a design is created one impression at a time.

The Maker Monday Series this week focuses on the stories of how Jan, at Log Cabin Leather began making hand tooled leather belts. 

 Join me Live on Facebook every Monday when the video is recorded live, so you can ask questions and leave comments.  The time varies.  What time works for you?  Have any comments… Ask them Here

Wing Dividers

Did you play along with my game on Facebook?  Did you guess what this tool is and how it is used for leatherwork?

Most people call it a compass, but they are  actually called wing dividers.  They are used like a compass to scribe lines and mark the placement of designs.  Watch in the video below when as Jan from Log Cabin Leather creates an original hand stamped leather belt design.

Watch the video to learn how an original hand stamped leather belt design is created step by step at Log Cabin Leather. 

 Stick around next week to learn how the color is added.

Most of the products created at Log Cabin Leather were originally designed from customer suggestions!  Are there products you would like to see added to my product lines?  Any suggestions to improve current products?

We would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to share your thought and ideas.

Jan Hibbard was born and raised in Wakefield, Mass. My love of animals and my interest in crafts developed as a child. My journey with leather began 42 years ago as I working on my teaching degree in Boston. Barnes & Noble opened in downtown Boston and I found a book on leather work. It mentioned 2 leather companies located in Boston. I went there the next day and I purchased my first hide of leather and a few tools. I made a leather vest which I still wear today. My LOVE of leather was born and it continues to grow.

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