Butterflies & Moths the Differences


How do you tell a Butterfly from a Moth?

Butterflies and moths are not the same.  Do you know how to tell the difference?                                            In this article I will explain the differences and highlight some of my butterfly and moth products I make as well.


Hairstreak Butterflies
Atlas Moth


  • Stick antennas, usually with a knob at end
  • active daytime
  • Colorful Wings
  • Fold wings in half to rest
  • Bodies are less fuzzy, thin
  • caterpillar bodies  are smooth
  • form chrysalis to pupate


  • feathery antennas
  • active at night
  • Dull, subdued colors
  • fold wings over body to rest
  • fat, fuzzy bodies
  • fuzzy caterpillars
  • form cocoon to pupate

Atlas Moth on Leather


The Atlas moth is one of the largest in the silkworm family with a wing span up to 12″.  The female moth is larger than the male.  Like many moth varieties, Atlas moths do not have a mouth.  They survive on stored food from the caterpillar stage and only live as an adult for about 2 weeks.  Their soul purpose is to mate and reproduce.

Are you a baby boomer? Then I bet you remember the plain butterfly stick barrettes that we wore back then.

When I first started making barrettes this is the butterfly shape that was available.

Shapes like the hairstreak are very, very difficult to cut from leather accurately, especially the tiny  butterfly earrings.

What changed?  How can I cut these shapes with such detail now, you ask?

Check out the video below to learn more.


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