Behind the Scenes Belt Making Creating Designs

How I Create My Hand Stamped Designs

 There are many ways designs can be put on leather.  Most factory made designs are embossed on  leather.  A design is pressed into the leather by machine.  Designs can also be burned into leather.  This darkens and etches a design.

My designs are hand stamped.  Each impression is hammered into damp leather.  Hand stamped designs make deeper impressions. Embossed designs will fade out over time, stamped designs won’t. 

Watch the video below to see the process.


The designs I create are hand stamped.  Tools with different designs are hammered into the leather in geometric patterns to create each design.  Some of my design stamps are shown below left.

The tools used to create my hand stamped original designs. The tools in the bottom row are the one I use most.
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After the design is complete, color is added.   This is done randomly, so even if I repeat the same design the coloring will be totally different.

Next a dye resist is painted onto the areas that I want to remain the natural leather color.

Once the resist dries, the entire piece is colored with antique finish dye.

Here are a few other videos showing Behind the Scenes process for other products.

Watch to see how leather belts are cut by hand. 


How Leather Feather Jewelry is created.

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If you would like to see more videos about my creation process and the inspirations behind my collections, check out my other YouTube Videos.