Log Cabin Leather opened in 2012 after years of preperation, dedication, and a passion for all things leather.

Here is my story…

Jan Hibbard was born and raised in Wakefield, Mass. My love of animals and my interest in crafts developed as a child. My journey with leather began 42 years ago as I working on my teaching degree in Boston. Barnes & Noble opened in downtown Boston and I found a book on leatherwork. It mentioned 2 leather companies located in Boston. I went there the next day and I purchased my first hide of leather and a few tools. I made a leather vest which I still wear today. My LOVE of leather was born and it continues to grow.
Leather is such an amazing material, it is a true sensory experience. For most people the aroma of the leather will take you back to joyful memories of times gone by. Embrace more sensory experiences as you see and feel the detail of the hand tooled pictures. Most of them are inspired by New Hampshire’s beautiful scenery- the majestic mountains, rushing rivers, breathtaking waterfalls, fall foliage, sunsets, lakes and amazing wildlife. I hope they will inspire you to chase your own dreams!
My goal is to create enduring high quality leather accessories that will inspire you to pursue your adventures as you travel on your journey through life. I hope they will become lifelong keepsakes that will be used to record, remember and inspire your dreams and inspirations. I hope my journey will continue for many years to come. Please join me on my adventure by becoming a VIP Insider.

handmade leather
The journey through life is unique for each of us.  The leather products I create at Log Cabin Leather are also unique and should help define your identity and style.  They are inspired by our natural world and strike a stunning balance between function, style, and beauty.
Each product offers a unique experience.  Feel the texture of the one of a kind hand tooled design and let your imagination soar.  Smell the aroma of the leather and let your mind drift back to times gone by.  Be inspired by the original design on your quest for greatness.
The mission: 
Log Cabin Leather strives to create superior products, that are  constructed to provide everlasting quality,  durability and functionality.  I strive to design products, that customers will enjoy owning as much as I enjoy creating for them.
I hope every product from Log Cabin Leather will inspire you and will open the pathways of your imagination as you journey through life.  Customer satisfaction is my primary goal!



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