Log Cabin Leather opened in 2012 after years of preperation, dedication, and a passion for all things leather.

Here is my story…

And so it began….. Log Cabin Leather by Jan set out on a mission to  to create one of a kind leather products, that are constructed to provide everlasting quality, durability and functionality… forever leather keepsakes, wearable art, and home decor that customers will enjoy owning. The goal is to create timeless leather treasures, original in design, inspired by birds and butterflies, so you can encounter nature at the touch of your hands and be inspired in your everyday moments. I hope every product from Log Cabin Leather will inspire you and will open the pathways of your imagination as you journey through life. I hope my timeless leather products will bring nature into your world all year round, no matter where life’s adventures take you. Customer satisfaction is the primary goal! 

Traditional leather tools are used to carve original nature scenes on functional leather products such as book covers, notepads, home decor, accessories and wearable leather art, that captures birds and butterflies  in their natural habitats.

Custom orders welcome: All products can be customized with names or initials.  Covers can be made to fit the book of your choice.




In today’s world most of us are spending more and more of our time with electronics, and less and less of our time enjoying nature.
It is my intention to create art that reminds us of the natural beauty of our world. I hope my products remind you of our connection with nature and our dependence on it to sustain life. We need to be responsible with the resources the Earth provides for us. I strive to to environmentally conscious by using natural materials such as vegetable tanned leather and brass or nickel over brass hardware. Vegetable tanned leather is tanned using natural plant matter, without the use of chemicals, and is bio-degradable. The tensile strength of leather allows it to last for many many years.
I hope you will support my small business and help preserve the Earth by purchasing better quality leather products less often. My products will help you accomplish this goal because they are built to last for many, many years and leave minimal impact.
The journey through life is unique for each of us. The leather products I create at Log Cabin Leather are also unique and should help define your identity and style. They are inspired by our natural world and strike a stunning balance between function, style, and beauty.
Each product offers a unique experience. Feel the texture of the one of a kind hand tooled design and let your imagination soar. Smell the aroma of the leather and let your mind drift back to times gone by. Be inspired by the original design on your quest for greatness.
Each product is constructed to provide everlasting quality, durability and functionality with customer satisfaction the primary goal.
I hope every product will inspire you and will open the pathways of your imagination on your adventures through life. Here at Log Cabin Leather by Jan I create one of a kind leather goods with hand carved nature scenes and intricate hand stamped designs. My products are functional and durable and will provide years of pleasure and use.