Jan Hibbard was born and raised in Wakefield, Mass. My love of animals and my interest in crafts developed as a child. My journey with leather began 42 years ago as I working on my teaching degree in Boston. Barnes & Noble opened in downtown Boston and I found a book on leatherwork. It mentioned 2 leather companies located in Boston. I went there the next day and I purchased my first hide of leather and a few tools. I made a leather vest which I still wear today. My LOVE of leather was born and it continues to grow.
Leather is such an amazing material, it is a true sensory experience. For most people the aroma of the leather will take you back to joyful memories of times gone by. Embrace more sensory experiences as you see and feel the detail of the hand tooled pictures. Most of them are inspired by New Hampshire’s beautiful scenery- the majestic mountains, rushing rivers, breathtaking waterfalls, fall foliage, sunsets, lakes and amazing wildlife. I hope they will inspire you to chase your own dreams!
My goal is to create enduring high quality leather accessories that will inspire you to pursue your adventures as you travel on your journey through life. I hope they will become lifelong keepsakes that will be used to record, remember and inspire your dreams and inspirations. I hope my journey will continue for many years to come. Please join me on my adventure

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Belts have always been my best sellers.  For those who have purchased a belt in person…It is an experience.   The first sense to be aroused is the sense of smell.  There is nothing like the smell of leather.  For most it brings back fond memories.  They  feel the quality of the solid leather strap.  They examine it closely noticing that it is made from one thick piece of leather.  It is not sewn together, so it will last years not months.  
All belts are custom fit so you get a quality belt that is exactly what you want with the size and fit you need, including the choice of buckle shape and finish.        
Hand tooled belts feature unique original designs that cannot be found anywhere else, so if you want to express your unique style and make a statement, look no further.                              
My Dad loved my belts and although he is no longer here, several of the belts I made for him back in the early 80’s, are still being worn today.  Some by me and others on my son. 

The addition of Guitar Straps to my product line grew out of a need, not by me, as I have no musical ability, but rather from musicians who admired my unique hand stamped designs.
The innovative style of my straps developed as musicians expressed problems with their current straps.
I was on a mission to create the most incredible straps I could. I wanted to create something better that the straps with the little shoulder pad that could slide around and slip out of place. I created straps that are fully padded not just at the shoulder but the entire length of the strap so they provide maximum comfort for extended hours of playing.  I created straps in different lengths to accommodate different size and weight guitars. I realized musicians have different body shapes and hold their instruments differently, so straps needed to address these needs.  And I created adjustable straps that don’t have metal hardware to scratch your beloved instrument.  And I also designed straps that can be customized so you can make each uniquely yours.